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How does it work?

The unique friction free function of the Super Peel lies in its novel yet simple design, a recombination of two of the oldest and most traditional of baker’s tools – A Baker’s Peel and a Pastry Cloth.

The result is new transport tool for the home baker, which offers the same functionality (ease of use, delicate touch and precision) that conveyor belts and conveyor type oven loaders have long provided to commercial bakeries and artisan bread bakers. The two key elements are:

A Non-Stick Work Surface

With a light dusting of flour, your dough will not stick to the fabric belt. Thus, the Super Peel provides a stick-free working/rolling surface for your dough.

Pick Up –Put Down Function

As you slide the Super Peel forward, the automatic rotation of the belt feeds a fresh, non-stick, floured cloth surface under whatever you are lifting. (Devices, operating in a similar manner, are used in the medical field to carefully lift and transport physically unstable or sensitive patients.)

The resulting conveyor belt action allows the Super Peel to slide under most anything with essentially no friction, thus with very little disturbance. Yet once up on top of Super Peel, the friction of the cloth keeps things from sliding around, except to where you want them.

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