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What is it?

The answer, as expressed so simply and elegantly on the cover of The Baker’s Catalogue®:

“AT LAST! A solution for your hard-to-move dough creations.”

Super Peel is a new and superior dough moving tool for the home baker. Although new, it is really just the marriage of two, centuries old, and traditional baker’s tools: a Baker’s Peel (that large spatula often referred as a pizza paddle) and a Pastry Cloth. The Peel provides a large dough carrying surface; and dough does not stick to the lightly floured Pastry Cloth. Wrapping the cloth around the Peel creates a small hand-held conveyor belt, which has amazing dough pick-up and handling properties.

Super Peel is very easy to use, and sized for many baking tasks. It can pick up almost any dough, even if partially stuck to your preparation surface, transport it, and then put it down again, gently and precisely, exactly where you want it, all without sticking, distortion of shape, ripping, deflation or other common problems. Super Peel can handle almost any dough moving challenge.

Miles of conveyors are used in the baking industry to carefully and efficiently transport both pre- and post-baked product throughout food processing plants without damage. Artisan bread bakers load their ovens with conveyor loaders. The Super Peel brings this professional dough handling care, precision, and ease to the home kitchen.

The Super Peel™ Promise

No matter what you are baking, Super Peel™ will deliver your dough. And, just as important, Super Peel will deliver on everything that we promise.

Gary Casper, President
EXOProducts, Inc.

Order yours today.

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