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Super Peel Still Alive and Kicking!

October 22, 2016

Sorry for being away for so long. It has been a difficult year, especially after suffering a dislocated shoulder in July and then having surgery seven weeks ago. Baking has been exceptionally difficult (typing darn near impossible) to do with only one arm, but I have still been on the charge for obtaining even higher heat in the home oven.  Here are a couple of examples of what I have been working on from this summer.

The first is a pie baked directly under the broiler at a stone temperature of  750°. Total baking time was about 110 seconds.  Since that time, and with some additional hacking, I have been able to reach a stone temperature of 830°.  Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to do any test baking at that temperature due to the injury.  Soon, I hope!


Here is the latest gluten free attempt, also done at very high temperatures under the broiler.


Still fine-tuning things, but will provide information about the techniques used as soon as I can.

The extra downtime the past several months has provided an opportunity to get back to inventing.  Recently, I have started production of a new pizza making accessory – a simple and universal placement aid to be used with your Super Peel or any other peel.  Patent  filing will be completed soon and the product will be on the market shortly thereafter. Watch for it in the EXO Storefront on Amazon!

Happy Fall and Holiday Baking to All!

Super Peel



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