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Makin’ Pie for the 4th of July!

June 6, 2016

It’s almost summer, so we’re SO OVER pizza!  Right!!!

Now we are not!  Anyway, first local strawberries are just coming in and rhubarb is plentiful, other fruits will be coming along soon too.  What better time to hone your pie making skills?  After all, Father’s Day is just around the corner and 4th of July is coming……… We are proud to have the Super Peel Composite Pro in the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Catalogue this year.  It is a little pricey there (we are working with them on that part), but you can stock up on all of your other baking needs and wants all at the same place.  If it has anything to do with baking, it’s in there!


Here is a short video clip from a recent Instagram post of a blueberry pie coming together at my brother Bob’s house in Oswego, NY (One of the snowiest towns in America – Wiki) a few weeks back.  Super Peel’s new catch phrase “Moving dough just got easier!” couldn’t have a better visual:

Blueberry Pie

Pie Making Tips

Making your lattice or other designer top crust ahead of time, and setting it aside till needed, makes it a quick deal to drop the top on your pie.  This means easier and faster assembly, so you will get it into your oven quickly once all of the wonderful fruit and sugar have been added.  The reward here will be in a guaranteed more crispy bottom crust, since it has not bathed in all that juice for too long.

Something which I adopted many years ago, and will never go any other way, is to go with an all butter crust, especially for fruit pies.  This just makes it all the yummier………..unless for some reason you are a big fan of Crisco as a strawberry short cake topping.  Blech!  Just remember that butter can tend to make a tough crust if the dough is over-worked, so easy on that.  The best method I have found, is to blend in about 1/3 of the butter very well (for tenderness) and then the remaining 2/3 just barely cut in with big chunks still visible (for flakiness).  And, one more thing while we’re at it……..for that perfect just barely-oozing-when-cut pie, make sure that your pie is bubbling all the way to its center before removing from the oven.  This will ensure that the starch has been fully cooked and has been able to complete its thickening job.  Nobody likes a runny pie with undercooked filling and an underdone bottom crust!  IMHO, err on the more done side when baking pie.

Now, let’s all go make some pie!  A pie a day keeps the doctor away, well something like that, I’m pretty sure……………….




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