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San Marzanos are In!!!

August 22, 2015

Good find at local farmer’s market.

I should be more informed about these things, but that is another story all together!!  While perusing a local farmer’s market this morning in my home town of Delmar, New York I happened across these gorgeous things!!

San Marzanos

Beautiful!  So I inquired.  Having never seen fresh whole San Marzano tomatoes not from a can, how was I to know.  Taking home 4# of these with plans to roast some of them and then just sauce some others.

I have had great results recently roasting standard, pale, unripened grocery store variety plum tomatoes:

Turning these (blech!!):

plum tomatoes pink

Into these (yum!!):

roasted plum tomatoes

Try this and make sure to let them develop some good caramelization.  Just slice and brush with a little EVOO and a little salt and pepper and put them directly under the broiler.  I do both sides. It really intensifies the flavor, and it’s almost scary how good they actually can be considering what they started as!!!!  After cooling slightly, they can be layered up, sprinkled with some good quality oregano, and stored in fridge for at least a week.

Can’t wait to try out these dead ripe San Marzanos.  I’ll willingly share the pictures.  But, probably not the pie!!!!

Super Peel



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