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Belt Kits for Super Peel “BIG16” are now available on Amazon

August 19, 2015

Finally!!!  The replacement/extra belt kits for the highly popular “BIG16″ – 16″ Aluminum Super Peel are now available on Amazon. These are shipped from EXO for the next few days, but will become available for Prime and Amazon fulfillment by early next week.  Inventory shipped today.

Thank you, everyone for your patience on this, as many have asked about availability. This peel has been a big hit so far and we intend to keep it as part of our standard inventory.  Next run has been ordered and there will be some minor improvements.  Always looking for these with everything we do!

I would like to thank the many of you who wrote Product Reviews on Amazon.  This has helped to give this new product offering some legs.

A word of caution!!!  This peel is a good size for larger pizzas and baguettes, but it is not as HUGE as a few of you have complained about.  Apparently there has been a tendency by a few toward the over zealous launching of pizzas which are larger than the landing zone (as in trying to land a 16″ pizza on a 14″ stone).  Remember, the most common size stone is [only] 14″ X 16”. Please don’t do this, for reasons “most of you” fully understand.  There is actually a note about this in the instructions.  Or, if you want to read about what can happen check out the newest Product Review on the Amazon listing.  We are so thankful for the 1 Star rating, because “Someone” made too big of a pizza!!!!

Super Peel Big 16 - Amazon Main

Anyway, as for most things worthwhile, our eyes can sometimes be bigger than our stomachs. With Pizza it certainly is no different.  Though keep eating, your stomach will grow to fit!!  Just look before you leap and keep your pizzas within the size of your landing place. It is for the better good!

Live, work and play hard, and eat more PIZZA!!

Super Peel


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