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Cherry Pi Day Special – Best Price all Year on our Beautiful Cherry Peels!

March 15, 2015

In honor of Pi Day 2015 (yesterday, in case you missed it 3/14/15 9:26:53 AM) –  Pi Day of the century!!, I am offering our best Cherry Pizza Peel at the lowest price of the year.  Sale will end next Sunday March 22, or when existing inventory runs out.

These peels are without question one of the finest peels on the market.  Made from the highest grade of cherry our manufacturer can get, which is only made possible because they also make very high end canoe gunwales and other things which require long true and defect free cherry stock.  The cutoffs that are too short for their primary items are used to make (among other things) our Cherry Peels and Cherry Super Peels.

They are thin and fully tapered for super light weight, and have a very low angle tip to make it easy to get under your pizzas and breads.  Cherry is the perfect wood for a peel as it is light, hard and strong, not to mention that it looks great  on your kitchen wall!

Hey, if it’s gotta be a Pi Day, it might as well be a Cherry Pi Day!!

Grab onto one of these beauties and make some Pi!

New Cherry Peel Listing Photo Cherry Peel Pic for Amazon

Super Peel



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