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It’s Super Peel’s Birthday!!!

February 28, 2015

Today is Super Peel’s Birthday!  What proud parents they must have been on that day!!!

The Birth of the Super Peel

The Birth of the Super Peel

Well, that is actually not exactly right, but it is MY birthday.  62 years ago, somewhere between the hours of 4 and 5 PM, I entered this world.  The wheels were set in motion, and it was only a matter of time before the world would finally be safe for PIZZA!!  All PIZZAS!!!  No more discrimination based on thickness or thinness of crust, amount of loaded-on toppings, glutenous or not.  To be fair, also safer for countless artisan bread loaves and a cast of pies and other bakery characters!


OK, that’s enough………… But, let’s celebrate with an impromptu Special Sale Event.   Purchase any Super Peel on Amazon, today (February 28, 2015) between the hours of 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM, and receive an extra $5.00 rebate (limit one per customer).  I will process these as post-purchase partial refunds.  Time of purchase will be based on Amazon’s purchase date/time stamp as I receive it (see below). So, that means PST!!  (Which means a window of 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM EST on the east coast, etc.)

Birthday Sale

I have no idea how their system actually works, and I will likely not have all sales data until tomorrow.  So, bear with me on this.

Thanks for your continued support, and thanks for jumping on this!



A Little Bit of Super Peel Horn Blowing!

February 26, 2015

Annual Report to Super Peel Followers


At the very top, I want to say a big Thank You to all of our loyal customers and users.  I owe it all to you for allowing Super Peel to become a “household name”.  At best estimate, there are more than 30,000 Super Peels out there – a number both big while also small, in differing relative ways.  It has been my mantra since day one that I take care of all customers in a way that few have ever experienced.  And, I will continue to do so! As you all may know, most of our normal Super Peel sales are through  The reasons for this are many, but also fairly straightforward – Increased Exposure, Easier Fulfillment, Free Shipping for you, etc.  It is not all rosy, but the benefits outweigh the negatives several fold.  This will also continue!  Although, in 2015 I am soliciting additional brick and mortar retailers to add our products.  Let your local kitchen store know about the Super Peel!

Let the Records Show…… Periodically, Amazon lets its sellers know just how well they are doing with data on several seller metrics.  Below I wish to share our most recent data.  I am proud to share these with you as they support the values I try to live by.  We are serving our customers well, and it feels great!

Amazon Stats thru Jan 2015

If you are already, thank you for trusting Super Peel and being our customer.  If you are not yet a Super Peel owner, you can be confident that if you become a member of our family of users, you will always receive the highest level of support and customer service available on this planet!



Pie Pondering

Kicked up the Potato and Onion Pie with some Lamb!!

February 7, 2015

Finished Pie Potato caramelized onions lamb

Here is the finished pie.  I added some rosemary and fresh ground lamb.  This is a 15″ homemade gluten free crust.  Used one of the new BIG16 Super Peels to lift and move this to the super hot stone at 750F.  Didn’t even flour the cloth, but don’t try this at home folks, at least until you get some experience under your belt.  Just wanted to show what was possible.  It can be done!!!

Dinner with Dad tonight at his new assisted living address, back here in NY.  I think he will like it – If I don’t eat it all first!!!


Super Peel BIG16 – very limited supply on Amazon right now. But, we are feverishly making more!

Words for the day: Make it, take it, bake it and of course EAT IT!!

Gary/Super Peel

p.s. I will put together some more details and pictures of the process tomorrow.


Pizza Mining! What’s for Dinner?

February 6, 2015

How about this Potato & Caramelized Onion Pizza with Feta?

potato onion pizza

Found this amazing looking recipe and will likely give it a try this weekend. This one is best made with a very wet dough (65%-75%) and baked on your stone or steel as high as you can get the temperature (550F Standard oven – maybe 725F with a modified broiler method).  See video below modified broiler method – a bit long, but just jump through it.

Use your Super Peel to do the transfer, as these wet doughs are more difficult to transfer but are worth it in your  results.  Remember to achieve a balance of heat from the stone or steel below with heat from the oven ceiling/broiler on the top for perfect results.

Thank you Dr. Kevin for this treat!!  Potato & Caramelized Onion Pizza with Feta

Super Peel

“BIG 16″ Super Pizza Peel – Amazon Prime Available!

December 5, 2014

Just a quick note as run out the door with pajama bottoms still on and breakfast in hand.  Life in the fast lane for another 2 weeks, then I get a little break!!!!!!

Super Peel Big 16 - Amazon MainBig 16 Listing - Cloth Removed

The BIG 16 Super Peels arrived at Amazon ahead of schedule and are now available here with Amazon Prime!!

And, they are on sale this weekend.  Availability will be sketchy for a few days. I have more shipping on Monday.

So, Get BIG!!

Have a great weekend, all!!!


Large Super Peel – “The BIG 16″ (16″ X 16″) Now Available

December 2, 2014

The New Super Peel “BIG 16″ is live on Amazon!!

Just a quick follow up note on these peels, which I promised would be available in time for Holiday shopping.


The new Super Peel “BIG 16″ in brushed aluminum, with its solid black cherry handle, is now available for purchase here at Amazon.  While these are not yet available for Amazon Prime (Shipments left today for Amazon’s warehouses) that is coming in a few days.  I am hoping for Amazon Prime availability to be activated over this coming weekend, or at least by early next week. In the interim, the total price is essentially the same and I will personally ship these out to you until Prime is active!  In fact, if you contact me and ask nice (not naughty, although a case could be made………..), I will include a free EXO Composite Pizza Rocker Cutter while supplies last.

Big 16 Listing

Here are a couple of other shots of this Ginormous Super Peel.  They may be a little limited in availability for a short while, as they have just started to come off the production line.   But, we initially have 500 coming, so they will be with us for a while!

Big 16 Listing - Cloth RemovedSuper Peel Big 16 - Amazon MainBig 16 Listing - Handle Closeup  Just Beautiful!!!!

I can see some BIG Pizzas coming soon. Send me your pictures and I will post them up on facebook.

So, Get BIG!!


Pizza Launch!!

November 23, 2014

Been Here, Done This??!!

Pizza Drop from 500ft

It can’t really be this hard!!  But, has the view from your pizza peel to your stone ever felt like this???

Yeah, you know the drill. You have been here and done this countless times, or maybe this is your first pizza launch.

The pizza is prepared!

It’s loaded with toppings!

It is a work of art!

If it sticks to your peel now, you just don’t get a second try!

Fear not, or fear no more!  Don’t let the sweat pour from your brow!  Not now, you don’t need the extra stress.  It’s going to be all right, because you have your Super Peel, the only peel that assures your pizzas a safe flight and a precise and gentle landing on your stone, every time!

The Secret of How it Works!

Here is a true testament – A very delicate, but heavily loaded Gluten Free Pie – Same Pie, before pick up from the work surface, up onto the Super Peel and the finished pie – Perfect!

GF Ready to Go Nov 2014GF on Peel Nov 2014GF Finished Nov 2014

When I am not busy working on Super Peel related things, I get a chance once in a while to hit the sky.

Next year, Super Peel will start dropping pies from the sky!!  Stay tuned.  This is going to get interesting!

Also, remember, if you are making pies for Thanksgiving, try your Super Peel for lifting your pie crust after rolling. Or even impress the crowd with a gorgeous lattice topped pie. So much easier to make ahead, and then place it on top, than it is to weave it on top of the pie filling!

Lattice Pie Pic - Lindsay 2



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