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We’re Redesigned the Official Super Peel Website!

August 7, 2015


Yes that’s right! We’ve redesigned the official Super Peel Website!

It was time to make a new website that works well on smart phones and tablets as well as on laptops and desktop computers.

We built better product description pages with easy links for ordering online. We will still have the blog so you can stay up to date with new product announcements, recipes, videos and much much more. You can bookmark the new blog here.


Super Peel Still Alive and Kicking!

October 22, 2016

Sorry for being away for so long. It has been a difficult year, especially after suffering a dislocated shoulder in July and then having surgery seven weeks ago. Baking has been exceptionally difficult (typing darn near impossible) to do with only one arm, but I have still been on the charge for obtaining even higher heat in the home oven.  Here are a couple of examples of what I have been working on from this summer.

The first is a pie baked directly under the broiler at a stone temperature of  750°. Total baking time was about 110 seconds.  Since that time, and with some additional hacking, I have been able to reach a stone temperature of 830°.  Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to do any test baking at that temperature due to the injury.  Soon, I hope!


Here is the latest gluten free attempt, also done at very high temperatures under the broiler.


Still fine-tuning things, but will provide information about the techniques used as soon as I can.

The extra downtime the past several months has provided an opportunity to get back to inventing.  Recently, I have started production of a new pizza making accessory – a simple and universal placement aid to be used with your Super Peel or any other peel.  Patent  filing will be completed soon and the product will be on the market shortly thereafter. Watch for it in the EXO Storefront on Amazon!

Happy Fall and Holiday Baking to All!

Super Peel



Makin’ Pie for the 4th of July!

June 6, 2016

It’s almost summer, so we’re SO OVER pizza!  Right!!!

Now we are not!  Anyway, first local strawberries are just coming in and rhubarb is plentiful, other fruits will be coming along soon too.  What better time to hone your pie making skills?  After all, Father’s Day is just around the corner and 4th of July is coming……… We are proud to have the Super Peel Composite Pro in the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Catalogue this year.  It is a little pricey there (we are working with them on that part), but you can stock up on all of your other baking needs and wants all at the same place.  If it has anything to do with baking, it’s in there!


Here is a short video clip from a recent Instagram post of a blueberry pie coming together at my brother Bob’s house in Oswego, NY (One of the snowiest towns in America – Wiki) a few weeks back.  Super Peel’s new catch phrase “Moving dough just got easier!” couldn’t have a better visual:

Blueberry Pie

Pie Making Tips

Making your lattice or other designer top crust ahead of time, and setting it aside till needed, makes it a quick deal to drop the top on your pie.  This means easier and faster assembly, so you will get it into your oven quickly once all of the wonderful fruit and sugar have been added.  The reward here will be in a guaranteed more crispy bottom crust, since it has not bathed in all that juice for too long.

Something which I adopted many years ago, and will never go any other way, is to go with an all butter crust, especially for fruit pies.  This just makes it all the yummier………..unless for some reason you are a big fan of Crisco as a strawberry short cake topping.  Blech!  Just remember that butter can tend to make a tough crust if the dough is over-worked, so easy on that.  The best method I have found, is to blend in about 1/3 of the butter very well (for tenderness) and then the remaining 2/3 just barely cut in with big chunks still visible (for flakiness).  And, one more thing while we’re at it……..for that perfect just barely-oozing-when-cut pie, make sure that your pie is bubbling all the way to its center before removing from the oven.  This will ensure that the starch has been fully cooked and has been able to complete its thickening job.  Nobody likes a runny pie with undercooked filling and an underdone bottom crust!  IMHO, err on the more done side when baking pie.

Now, let’s all go make some pie!  A pie a day keeps the doctor away, well something like that, I’m pretty sure……………….




2015 in review

December 30, 2015

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,900 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 48 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Super Peel “BIG 16” a Big Success!

October 1, 2015

Thanks to all who have made the Super Peel “BIG 16” a huge success. The very last 26 of our initial run have just shipped to Amazon.  There has been a slight hold up on the next run, while we make some equipment adjustments.  So, if you want of these for your larger pizzas and breads, to be sure to get one now is a great time to order.  Hopefully, the next product run will be in our hands in time for holiday shopping.

Super Peel Big 16 - Amazon Main16 in Super Peel Sample

This peel has received 14 Product Reviews on Amazon.  Most have been very positive – Thanks!  Here is a recent review that tells it all:

Big 16 Review

Thank you Joey.  You are more than “just joey” to us.  I am happy to have you as a member of the Super Peel family!!



San Marzanos are In!!!

August 22, 2015

Good find at local farmer’s market.

I should be more informed about these things, but that is another story all together!!  While perusing a local farmer’s market this morning in my home town of Delmar, New York I happened across these gorgeous things!!

San Marzanos

Beautiful!  So I inquired.  Having never seen fresh whole San Marzano tomatoes not from a can, how was I to know.  Taking home 4# of these with plans to roast some of them and then just sauce some others.

I have had great results recently roasting standard, pale, unripened grocery store variety plum tomatoes:

Turning these (blech!!):

plum tomatoes pink

Into these (yum!!):

roasted plum tomatoes

Try this and make sure to let them develop some good caramelization.  Just slice and brush with a little EVOO and a little salt and pepper and put them directly under the broiler.  I do both sides. It really intensifies the flavor, and it’s almost scary how good they actually can be considering what they started as!!!!  After cooling slightly, they can be layered up, sprinkled with some good quality oregano, and stored in fridge for at least a week.

Can’t wait to try out these dead ripe San Marzanos.  I’ll willingly share the pictures.  But, probably not the pie!!!!

Super Peel



Belt Kits for Super Peel “BIG16” are now available on Amazon

August 19, 2015

Finally!!!  The replacement/extra belt kits for the highly popular “BIG16″ – 16″ Aluminum Super Peel are now available on Amazon. These are shipped from EXO for the next few days, but will become available for Prime and Amazon fulfillment by early next week.  Inventory shipped today.

Thank you, everyone for your patience on this, as many have asked about availability. This peel has been a big hit so far and we intend to keep it as part of our standard inventory.  Next run has been ordered and there will be some minor improvements.  Always looking for these with everything we do!

I would like to thank the many of you who wrote Product Reviews on Amazon.  This has helped to give this new product offering some legs.

A word of caution!!!  This peel is a good size for larger pizzas and baguettes, but it is not as HUGE as a few of you have complained about.  Apparently there has been a tendency by a few toward the over zealous launching of pizzas which are larger than the landing zone (as in trying to land a 16″ pizza on a 14″ stone).  Remember, the most common size stone is [only] 14″ X 16”. Please don’t do this, for reasons “most of you” fully understand.  There is actually a note about this in the instructions.  Or, if you want to read about what can happen check out the newest Product Review on the Amazon listing.  We are so thankful for the 1 Star rating, because “Someone” made too big of a pizza!!!!

Super Peel Big 16 - Amazon Main

Anyway, as for most things worthwhile, our eyes can sometimes be bigger than our stomachs. With Pizza it certainly is no different.  Though keep eating, your stomach will grow to fit!!  Just look before you leap and keep your pizzas within the size of your landing place. It is for the better good!

Live, work and play hard, and eat more PIZZA!!

Super Peel


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