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Long Handled Super Peel at a Super-er-er Price!

October 15, 2014

WFO in Bread Oven

That is one cool oven!!  And, WOW!  9 rolls all at once.  Good work Eric!!  See “full/short” video here (click on the Product Reviews).

I am currently selling these at cost. Reviews from those who have them have been fabulous.  But, the cost of manufacture was just too high.  So, I have redesigned them to require far less labor, while still keep them locally made. These are made for us at Halfmoon Works, right in the next town over from my home town of Clifton Park, NY, just south of Saratoga Springs.  This is a pretty cool place that trains young adults with development disabilities in the art of quality woodworking.  Going local to the max.  These guys are currently working on a 16″ round maple pizza cutting/serving board, and a 16″ Super Peel!!!  That last item is long over due!!

With some luck and hard work, we will have more of these for on an ongoing basis at the current lower price and still have them be profitable.  But, you can have one now at the reduced price!  Everyone is shipped fully assembled and ready to go. I personally do the final adjustments and pack and ship these.

Here is a brief video of where this all started – An Extra Large Version for Jeff’s wood fired oven: First WFO Super Peel.  A lot of refinement has taken place to get this to its final for.  Joe at Halfmoon Works had some suggestions, which we implemented on the first run, and I came back with some more changes to help get the costs down some more.  It is always a challenge, not just to invent, but to reinvent as many times as necessary to get a product to a marketable point.

The current version is also just fine, and [I think] even better than our standard short handled Super Peels around the kitchen and your standard oven, if you have some room.  The reach is great and allows better visibility, and they are also easier to master, since they automatically track straight.

Be well, Bake better!!



Our Solid Cherry Pizza Peels are Back, and They are Better Than Ever!!!!

October 10, 2014

New Cherry Peel Listing Photo

Hard to believe, but it has been 2 years that we have not had our fabulous American Black Cherry Peels in stock. But, this is about to end. Final production steps are running this week and these will be available on Amazon sometime the week of October 20th!!  YAY!!!  14″ X 24″, fully tapered for perfect weight, feel and balance.  And, these are even better quality than the ones we offered previously, thanks to the dedication of our primary partner and supplier Essex Industries in Mineville, NY.  Essex is a place where the busy hands of many special people make some pretty awesome things from wood – including our wooden Super Peels.  I need to take this opportunity to give a shout out and very special thanks to Preston for making these peels happen!!

You won’t find a finer peel anywhere, and these make an impressive gift (even if it is for yourself).  They will only be a few buck more than they were 2 years ago, but the quality is just outstanding. Yes, you do get what you pay for.  So, then get this!!!!!!!  You will definitely be getting what you paid for!!! 

Watch for them – Coming in just two weeks!!


I thought I Said No Hot Pepper Flakes on my Pizza!! (or brick shards!)

October 9, 2014

the continuing trials of an oven builder…………..

Back on the job, as I wanted to get this oven done this day so that we could make pizzas that evening.  I toiled away (OK, I lied) while others flew the ridge at Susquehanna Flight Park. Anyway, this work was especially a chore, as the little ridge here is not often soarable.  But, it was this day, which was actually a very rare second time in the same week!!!

After a few hours, the job completed and it looked great!!!

SFP Oven First Fire

The new Turning Peel, across the top (ours was made from a scrap piece of aluminum and an old aluminum ski pole, so cost nothing) is an indispensable tool to have on hand for your wood fired oven.  It is not for loading the oven, but the pizzas need to be rotated several times to bake evenly.  And, a smaller sized round metal peel is just the ticket to get underneath and rotate them.  Takes a bit of a knack to do it efficiently, but not that much of a learning curve.  Just don’t try to move a pizza too soon after placing it in the oven, as it can be easy to shred a pie that has not yet set up.  Our turning peel is about 9″ in diameter, and has a 48″ handle, which seems just about the right size.

So, the fire was built and lit to burn-in and preheat the oven.  Nice big fire!! – Go Big or Go Home!!, as they say.  This was roaring within 10  minutes and really getting hot.  All seemed well, and then all of a sudden the first hint of a problem was heard – SNAP – CRACK!!!!  And, a fist sized piece of hot brick literally flew out of the oven. Oh well, just some moisture trapped in the bricks we mused.  It will surely settle down…………It did not quickly, and continued to spit chunks and shrapnel of brick.  It did eventually pretty much stop, so we figured it was time to let the fire die down and load it up with the first pie!

first fire SFP

The coals were moved to the back, and Using our Long Handled Super Peel the pizza was loaded.  Within less than a minute, the sounds of snapping and popping bricks were heard again, apparently now coming off the back oven wall which receiving more heat.  The pizza was being literally “peppered” with brick shards.  It was rendered completely inedible!  But, it smelled and looked so yummy!!

SFP Oven First Pizza

Through some follow up research since, we have learned a lot about bricks and specifically that some of the brick we used were so called “clinker bricks“.  These result from over-firing where the brick actually start to melt.  Clinkers used to be discarded, as they were thought to be inferior.  but later the were determined to be suitable for use in construction, and were even used as accent pieces because of their darker color.  I read in several places that clinkers were the better bricks for a wood fired oven, but further investigation leads me to a more informed conclusion that  red bricks – “Reds”:

Brick Pallet - RedsThese are the ones you’ll want!!

are better for a wood fired oven.  For one thing, the red bricks are lower density than the clinkers, so they insulate better.  Additionally, the clinkers are the ones that failed, and my conclusion is that this is because they were basically so glassified/vitrified from the intense heat when fired.  I believe that they ended up spalling and shattering because they are so hard and dense that they could not expand evenly with the oven’s heating.  Anyway, stay away from the clinkers:

clinkerThis is how our “clinkers” looked

They are darker in color and very hard, and you can even see areas that were totally melted.  We also found it impossible to drill them, even with a carbide bit, while drilling the reds was easy.  So, that is another giveaway.

So, I am now tearing down the oven, saving the “Reds”, and searching for some more to replace the clinkers.  Still hope to have this job completed before the snow flies this winter, and flying season comes to a close.  Actually, we flew all of last winter at Ellenville, NY, from a launch ramp at an overlook along Rt. 52.

I will keep you posted!!!


I Had My Pizza Today!! Did You?

September 30, 2014

chicsaus pie cilantro 2

As promised, I spent the day pondering over what to make as a pizza tonight.  Taking from my 3 daughters’ idea that “Everything makes a taco!”, I was thinking something maybe pulled pork.  That was not so easy to find or make in a hurry, so settled for a roasted chicken from the market.  Nice and juicy one!! Deboned and pulled apart a leg and some breast meat which I tossed with some andoulle sausage and a little spicy sauce.

Assembly was, from bottom up:

Very wet GF crust with EVOO on a well floured surface.

chicsaus pie crust

Colby Cheese.

chicsaus pie colby

Meat Combo, topped with some roasted poblano peppers.

chicsaus pie meat peppers

Then a layer of smoked mozzarella and some fresh cracked pepper.

chicsaus pie smoked mozz black pepper

All slipped nicely onto my Super Peel Pro and then off-loaded onto the 750F Broiler Heated Stone.

chicsaus pie on peel chicsaus pie on 750F stone

Two and a half minutes under the broiler and it was perfectly done, nicely browned on the top and bottom. Balance is the key. This setup works for me, and I have described it elsewhere.  Also, the crust was my Mock Whole Wheat (see recipes section).

chicsaus pie under broilerchicsaus pie 2 and half min

Topped with coleslaw and a large bouquet of cilantro!!

chicsaus pie cilantro chicsaus pie slice

All in all this worked well.  Next time there will be some pulled pork to use.  So, what did you eat today?


Best Pizza Across the USA!

September 30, 2014

Pie Pic

This totally made my morning.  So forget about that promise to start my diet today!!  Maybe tomorrow………..But, did I hear leftovers????  The pictures alone will set you up for dinner tonight.  If you can look at these and not CRAVE, you have way more willpower than I.  Everyone needs pizza tonight, homemade or go out to one of these top 33 joints.  I’ll come up with something special to make today, and share the pics tonight.  All I can say is WOW!!

Best Pies in America!

Super Peel Now Available with Polymer Finish!!

September 19, 2014


Here is a picture of one of our new Poly Sealed Super Peels.  This item is now available from Amazon.  The new finish doesn’t look much different from our standard mineral oil finish, but it provides a longer lasting and lower friction surface which makes it slide even better and results in less maintenance over time.  Additional poly finished offerings are coming as we phase this in!!  All very exciting!!  For a limited time new customers are being offered a free second transfer belt for leaving a Product Review on the Amazon Listing.   It is a secret, but the customer will get a follow up email from me after purchase.  We want and need your feedback!!

The finish we are currently using is Behlen Salad Bowl Finish, a trusted non toxic finish that has been around for decades for use on toys and kitchen utensils and of course bowls.  I will have to make sure that the manufacturer adds “peel finish ” as a recommended use!!!  :)

Oh, on the Cooperstown Pizza Oven project, I will get back to that in another post.  The oven was completed a week ago.  We built a Big Fire,

SFP Oven First Fire

burned it in and we had the first pizza bake last Friday.

SFP Oven First Pizza

Let’s just say for now……..”Houston, we have a problem!”.  The oven “ROCKS!”  So, we have learned a lot more about bricks in the past week.  More on this to follow…………….

Super Peel’s Quick El Cheapo Wood Fired Pizza Oven!!

September 4, 2014

Oven Pic

Earlier this summer we happened across a youtube video showing how to build a cheap wood fired pizza oven.  This was our first attempt, built at the family lake house on Otsego Lake.  The lake stretches north for about 9 miles from Cooperstown, NY, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Bricks were salvaged from a demolition and reconstruction project on the campus of Otsego State University in New York where my brother Bob works.  The bricks were free, so that also worked just fine.  After a bit labor chipping old mortar off of the bricks we free stacked them to build this oven.  The build took only a couple of hours.

I will have to confess that using it has had a short learning curve, but we are getting much better.  Labor day, we knocked out a half dozen pizzas including some that were gluten free.  They were all awesome, shared with some family that we have not seen in way too long a time!

It only has gotten better and easier.  The main trick has been to get the oven really hot.  A good hot fire and heating for about 45 min to an hour has worked well.  Because it is not insulated or mortared, it leaks heat.  This requires rebuilding the fire between pizzas, but it is all fun!  The next one that I am building, I will make it a bit deeper, so a fire can be kept going in the rear while the pizzas bake.  I’ve measured up to 750F on the brick deck surface, but am sure that this last time we were hotter.  Pizzas were generally done in about 5 minutes or less.

We now have one of our trusted Long Handled Super Peels

Super Peel WFO Bobs1

at the lake to make things more fun and easy.  Hey, this oven is much nicer than ours, but he has the right tool!!  The Long Handled Super Peels are available at Amazon, and are currently ON SALE.  Our users have exposed them to some pretty high temperatures, and the standard cloth holds up well.  With its brushed aluminum blade and cherry handle and long reach, these are a joy to hold and to use.

Oven No. 2 is now being built just outside of Cooperstown, at the site where Super Peel (me) actually learned to fly.  From short hops on the bunny hill just three years ago (always lands right on the spot of course!), Super Peel has sprouted his full flight feather plumage and advanced to some more serious flying.  All in the name of saving the world from Pizza Wrecks – No Fun Intended, honestly!!  Here are some pictures of the oven beginning.SFP Oven Deck SFP Oven Base Finished SFP Oven Foundation

So, find some old bricks and some used bed rail and build a simple brick oven.  This will really up your pizza game, and really couldn’t be more fun!  If you are ever in the Cooperstown area, give Dan a call at the Flight Park at 315-867-8011 and arrange a lesson on the training hill.  Maybe the oven will be cranking!!!

You just can’t beat Pizza and Wings!!

Super  Peel


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