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Super Peel Now Available with Polymer Finish!!

September 19, 2014


Here is a picture of one of our new Poly Sealed Super Peels.  This item is now available from Amazon.  The new finish doesn’t look much different from our standard mineral oil finish, but it provides a longer lasting and lower friction surface which makes it slide even better and results in less maintenance over time.  Additional poly finished offerings are coming as we phase this in!!  All very exciting!!  For a limited time new customers are being offered a free second transfer belt for leaving a Product Review on the Amazon Listing.   It is a secret, but the customer will get a follow up email from me after purchase.  We want and need your feedback!!

The finish we are currently using is Behlen Salad Bowl Finish, a trusted non toxic finish that has been around for decades for use on toys and kitchen utensils and of course bowls.  I will have to make sure that the manufacturer adds “peel finish ” as a recommended use!!!  :)

Oh, on the Cooperstown Pizza Oven project, I will get back to that in another post.  The oven was completed a week ago.  We built a Big Fire,

SFP Oven First Fire

burned it in and we had the first pizza bake last Friday.

SFP Oven First Pizza

Let’s just say for now……..”Houston, we have a problem!”.  The oven “ROCKS!”  So, we have learned a lot more about bricks in the past week.  More on this to follow…………….

Super Peel’s Quick El Cheapo Wood Fired Pizza Oven!!

September 4, 2014

Oven Pic

Earlier this summer we happened across a youtube video showing how to build a cheap wood fired pizza oven.  This was our first attempt, built at the family lake house on Otsego Lake.  The lake stretches north for about 9 miles from Cooperstown, NY, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Bricks were salvaged from a demolition and reconstruction project on the campus of Otsego State University in New York where my brother Bob works.  The bricks were free, so that also worked just fine.  After a bit labor chipping old mortar off of the bricks we free stacked them to build this oven.  The build took only a couple of hours.

I will have to confess that using it has had a short learning curve, but we are getting much better.  Labor day, we knocked out a half dozen pizzas including some that were gluten free.  They were all awesome, shared with some family that we have not seen in way too long a time!

It only has gotten better and easier.  The main trick has been to get the oven really hot.  A good hot fire and heating for about 45 min to an hour has worked well.  Because it is not insulated or mortared, it leaks heat.  This requires rebuilding the fire between pizzas, but it is all fun!  The next one that I am building, I will make it a bit deeper, so a fire can be kept going in the rear while the pizzas bake.  I’ve measured up to 750F on the brick deck surface, but am sure that this last time we were hotter.  Pizzas were generally done in about 5 minutes or less.

We now have one of our trusted Long Handled Super Peels

Super Peel WFO Bobs1

at the lake to make things more fun and easy.  Hey, this oven is much nicer than ours, but he has the right tool!!  The Long Handled Super Peels are available at Amazon, and are currently ON SALE.  Our users have exposed them to some pretty high temperatures, and the standard cloth holds up well.  With its brushed aluminum blade and cherry handle and long reach, these are a joy to hold and to use.

Oven No. 2 is now being built just outside of Cooperstown, at the site where Super Peel (me) actually learned to fly.  From short hops on the bunny hill just three years ago (always lands right on the spot of course!), Super Peel has sprouted his full flight feather plumage and advanced to some more serious flying.  All in the name of saving the world from Pizza Wrecks – No Fun Intended, honestly!!  Here are some pictures of the oven beginning.SFP Oven Deck SFP Oven Base Finished SFP Oven Foundation

So, find some old bricks and some used bed rail and build a simple brick oven.  This will really up your pizza game, and really couldn’t be more fun!  If you are ever in the Cooperstown area, give Dan a call at the Flight Park at 315-867-8011 and arrange a lesson on the training hill.  Maybe the oven will be cranking!!!

You just can’t beat Pizza and Wings!!

Super  Peel

Improving the Super Peel – As the dough Allows!

August 28, 2014

Margarita Pizza PicRemember the first time a pizza stuck to your peel?  Well, I sure do!  I remember the first and the last time!  And that is how the Super Peel came to be.  It has been 15 years now, and though the Super Peel revolutionized pizza transfer for many, there is most always room for improvements – and we are working on them.

When a food consultant was asked to review “a new and improved pizza peel” back in 2000, her immediate reply was “how do you improve a pizza peel????”. Well, she found out ,and became an instant convert.  Over the years that I have been making and selling them they have preformed admirably. Cook’s Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen fell in love with the product back in 2004 and just this year (10 years later!) still consider it to be a Pizza Making Essential Super Peel, especially paired with the Baking Steel by Stoughton Steel Baking Steel.  While we know that it is possible to make a fantastic pizza on a baking stone, the Steel does release more heat to the bottom of the pie.  Here is an Under 3 Minute Pizza baked on my standard stone.Pizza less than 3 min Nice Char Here is a video of the baking method used to produce these amazing results Under 3 Minute Pizza

As good as the Super Peel is, there is always room for improvement.  We have continued to innovate and improve, though most times these have gone unnoticed and without fanfare.  However, the latest improvement is worth mentioning, as it will improve the performance and reduce care and maintenance for the peel.

This week, I can happily announce, the first polymer coated Super Peels have come off the production line.  As soon as I have done adequate QC on these, they will be off to Amazon, introduced as our base White Ash Model.  The surface treatment will be Behlen Salad Bowl Finish Behlen.  This is a Food Safe, Non-Toxic finish, which has been on the market for many years. We started using it on our Extra Large Super Peels Extra Large Super Peel, to reduce sliding friction, and have liked it so much that we will likely be implementing the finishing process on all of our wooden peels.  It reduces sliding friction initially, and maintains this improvement over time, as it reduces grain raising from water contact.  This will also reduce the need for occasional maintenance (light sanding), which has been one of the few “issues” over the years.

After I have seen and approved these peels, I will provide a link to the new Amazon listing for this New and Improved Super Peel!  Watch for other changes and improvements in the coming months.


Pie Pondering

3 More Hours to Enter to Win!!

May 16, 2014

Win this Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone

Emile Henry Stone

Only 3 more hours to enter. Just leave us a comment at to win this weeks contest.

Good luck to all!!


Super Peel Giveaway for May 16th – Enter to win!!

May 15, 2014

Emile Henry StoneEmile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone

This week you can enter to win a 14 1/2″ Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone (black), just for leaving a comment on facebook at: telling us all what you like about living in NY or what you like about not living in NY, something about wherever you may be. Careful, now!!! I am in NY!!! Just tell us, and you will be entered for this fantastic pizza stone. Random drawing will be made this Friday at 10:00 PM EDT. US shipping addresses only, please.

I have owned one of these for several years and used it on the grill, in the oven and for both gluten free and wheat breads and pizza. I love it!! Here is a link to me sliding a pizza on the stone in my Grill Dome Ceramic Cooker.

Note how easy it is to place the pie. Video #3 shows you the finished pie! Yum!!

There is a video on the Amazon listing (link below) for this stone, which shows…..well……….how not to place your pie. In fact they don’t show you how they do it at all. It magically appears to have moved from the cutting board to the stone, which has been removed from the oven. While we are all about magic, we don’t recommend this method. Taking a closer look at this video and you will see that the pizza that shows up on the pizza stone bears no real resemblance to the pizza that was on the cutting board. Hmmmmm???????

Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone, Black

Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone, Black

Buy from Amazon

Oh, what the heck!?!? Gotta have a little fun with it. Truth be told, I love the Emile Henry Pizza Stone, and by loading it with your Super Peel, its a piece of cake (or pie, I guess). Anyway, you can make and enjoy some of the best pizza anywhere, right at home!!


Win the 20″ Cherry Super Peel

May 7, 2014



Don’t miss out on your chance to win one of these Giant 20″ Super Peels in Solid Cherry. Just two more days to enter. Contest ends Thursday May 8th at midnight. Just drop a comment at, and in it explain what you plan to do with this peel (paddle a big canoe??) if you win. You’re entered! It’s just that simple!

Random winner will be draw from entries, and I will ship this out on Friday. Good luck!!

Gary (SP)

Super Peel Giveaway – Super Sized Cherry!

May 5, 2014


This has been a long time coming…………….first in aluminum, then in basswood (both loved by the select customers luck enough to get one!). Now finally in production, this is the king of our line – The 20″ X 20″ Super Peel is now available in Solid Cherry. We love it!, and plan to keep it this way! And, since we have them in stock and now in production, we are giving one away on Thursday of this week! There will be other weekly giveaways to follow, so stay around, but there will probably not be another one of these right away.

How to enter…………..Just visit us at and post a comment telling us in a few words what you would plan to do with this peel – no extra credit for creativity, but feel free to ad lib! We will select a random winner on Thursday May 8th, and ship this on the Friday.

This Super Peel is large enough to lift, carry and load a 20″ pizza or several baguettes at once. I have even used one to load a 18″ Gluten Free pizza right onto my 18″ x 18″ Baking Stone. It comes finished with a food safe salad bowl finish that not only makes them beautiful, but also provides and helps maintain a super low friction surface for sliding the larger and heavier items it is designed for. No worries, you can still use it for a 5″ pie if you want to. There was one concern I had about using a wood like cherry, that it might be too heavy. So, we have tapered it along its full length. The result: It actually ends up weighing less than our standard 14″ maple and ash Super Peels, and is very well balanced.

Good Luck! And, check back in on Mondays to see what we will be giving away next.

Be Well, Bake Better!

Gary (SP)


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